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Texas Impact's Weekly Witness

Nov 17, 2023

This week we are taking a break from legislative goings on for an important conversation with Rev. Deanna Hollas, Coordinator of Gun Violence Prevention Ministries with Presbyterian Peace Fellowship. We will discuss the increased emphasis national denominations are placing on reducing gun violence and how congregations can both act locally and advocate for policy change to reduce gun violence. 


If you are passionate about ending gun violence–Texas Impact has a team for that. This team is made up of Texans of faith interested in working and advocating for public policies that reduce gun violence. This week that team is hosting an event including a rally and art installation that calls attention to the impact gun violence has in local San Antonio communities. This Saturday, November 18th at St. Michael's in San Antonio, they are hosting a March for Gun Violence Prevention. 


Register for the event at


You can find the resources mentioned in the episode at and this google doc: