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Texas Impact's Weekly Witness

Feb 24, 2022

We wrap up our series on election 2022 as Scott welcomes special guest Sen. Carol Alvarado of Houston to talk about her filibuster during the multi-session fight over Texas' election reform legislation. Texas Impact Executive Director Bee Moorhead joins Scott to reflect on his conversation with Sen. Alvarado....

Feb 17, 2022

Our series on elections continues: Scott interviews defenders of democracy and cheerleaders for voting. Grace Chimene, President of the League of Women Voters about Election 2022. Scott is also joined by Kendal Gladish and Cathy Morgan from University Presbyterian Church in Austin to talk about their...

Feb 10, 2022

Our series on elections continues: Scott interviews women leaders from two national voting rights organizations, who are focused on empowering Texas' diverse electorate amid the confusion resulting from SB1. Christina Das, Attorney at the NAACP LDF, talks to Scott from Brooklyn about the Voting Rights Defender Project...

Feb 2, 2022

Scott fights a cold from home this week to bring you interviews with Anthony Gutierrez, Executive Director at Common Cause, and Rev. Diane McGehee. Also Rev. George Oliver bring us our Weekly Word.