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Texas Impact's Weekly Witness

Jul 28, 2023

This week we are taking a mid-summer break from our legislative wrap-up series to talk about the recent judicatory season with the Chair of the Board of Church and Society for the North Texas Annual Conference United Methodist Church and one of our Board Members, Rev. Phil Dieke. Every year from April through June, the Texas Impact team is busy with what we refer to in house as judicatory season–when many faith communities or denominational bodies hold their regional meetings or conferences. In many of those, there are opportunities for resolutions or statements from those faith communities or judicatories relevant to the broader community’s policy discourse. Phil and I had a chance to talk about why those resolutions are important, statements made by the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church, and the state of the UMC in general.


We are delighted to be airing this conversation as a video podcast—that means you can listen only, or you can watch the episode on YouTube. Be sure you are subscribed to Texas Impact’s YouTube Channel to take advantage of this feature and to access all Texas Impact’s video.