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Texas Impact's Weekly Witness

Mar 15, 2024

This week, we welcome Texas Impact’s Executive Director, Bee Moorhead, for an important and timely conversation about reproductive health. The Texas Medical Board is meeting Thursday, March 21st, and Texas Impact is promoting a sign on letter to ask them to undertake rulemaking to define the exception to the abortion ban related to the life and health of the mother. 


In the very short time since we recorded this episode, we’ve learned that the Board WILL be initiating rulemaking–this is great news and affirms the value of public engagement with our state agencies. 


It also makes it more important than ever that folks sign the petition, which lays out the key elements of what would make a strong rule that would really help doctors and patients. The Board needs to know that Texans support the agency to make a strong, clear rule.

Add your name to the sign on letter at