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Texas Impact's Weekly Witness

Mar 29, 2024

This week, we follow up on the conversation from two weeks ago in advance of the Texas Medical Board meeting. More than 2,000 Texans of faith signed Texas Impact’s petition calling for a rulemaking process to define the abortion exception in Texas state law relating to the life and health of the mother. We spoke about Steve and Amy Bresnen, two Austin attorneys and lobbyists from the aptly named BresnenAssociates who submitted that official petition to the Texas Medical Board. 

The Board did in fact begin the rulemaking process and introduced a draft rule for public comment. This week, we are fortunate to have the two petitioners, Amy and Steve Bresnen, for a conversation about that rule, the rulemaking process, and what YOU can do to help protect the lives and health of Texas women. 

Find the form to submit public comments to the Texas Medical Board here.

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