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Texas Impact's Weekly Witness

Mar 26, 2018

Houston Chief of Police Art Acevedo and Scott discuss the recent tragedies of the Austin bombings, the impact of immigration policy in Texas, and the recent 5th Circuit Court ruling on SB4. 

Mar 19, 2018

Rabbi Neil Blumofe discusses the implications of the theological mandate to "welcome the stranger," the recent 5th Circuit Court ruling on SB4, and what it means to be a socially active religious leader.  

Mar 13, 2018

Scott and Joshua Houston, Texas Impact General Counsel and Director of Government Affairs, discuss what happened during the primary election, run-off races to watch, and the political outlook for Texas.  

Mar 9, 2018

Scott interviews Chris Tackett about campaign finance and following the money behind Texas politics. Recorded live at Acton United Methodist Church in Granbury, TX on March 5th, 2018.