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Texas Impact's Weekly Witness

Jun 28, 2021

Texas Impact Weekly Witness Legislative Wrap-Up Series, featuring Jessica Shortall with Texas Competes discussing LGBT discrimination and Josh Houston discussing Texas Impact's Anti-Discrimination Priorities

Jun 22, 2021

June 21, 2021: Weekly Witness: Lauren Johnson, policy & advocacy strategist for the ACLU, joins the show to discuss the George Floyd Act followed by Josh Houston, Texas Impact, to discuss Texas Impact's priority bills.

Jun 14, 2021

June 14, 2021: Weekly Witness: Quorum Report's Editor, Scott Braddock, joins the show to talk about the 87th Legislature.

Jun 8, 2021

June 7, 2021: Weekly Witness: Sarah Cruz, Sid Earnheart, Rev. Alex Lee-Cornell, and Rev. Phil Dieke join the show to talk about the reopening & relaunching of Courts & Ports.